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Imagine that the tissue of the flower has the consistancy of silly putty, and you have poked your finger in it, then withdrawn to leave a horn-like, curved, sealed tube or a pimple. Pollen germination assays conducted at different temperatures showed that pomegranate pollen germination is markedly influenced by temperature Fig. Thus they regularly overlap the neighbouring members on one side. Female flowers terminate the main and secondary branches in the panicle, and males occupy all the remaining positions. Sign in via your Institution Sign in. Ligule present at juncture of leaf blade and petiole; flowers zygomorphic; sepals fused at base; style unmodified, situated between anther sacs; anther tetrasporangiate; endosperm helobial. In Freycinetia reineckei the staminate flower on the staminate spikes comprises 3 or 4 sometimes 2 stamens and a pistillode with 2 sometimes 4 carpellodes, and the pistillate flower on the pistillate spikes is formed of a pistil with 2 sometimes 4 carpels and of 3 or 4 sometimes 2 staminodes.
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Canadian Journal of Botany

These preliminary results will have to be corroborated by the analysis of a greater number of samples. Any floral organ and even the ovule, may become leafy in form of colour Meyer On the nature of the carpel In P. E Longitudinal section of a functionally male flower showing well-developed stamens but an underdeveloped pistil. G Underdeveloped ovules from a functionally male flower.
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In some situations, partial correlations were calculated for the following reasons. This gradient corresponds to a qualitative variation in the nature of the appendages that are initiated. The anthers c bear pollen. Temperatures during the flowering period can have a pronounced effect on reproductive processes. A, Formation of locular cavities arrowheads. Systematics of Philodendron Schott Araceae with special reference to inflorescence characters. In Leptospermum scoparium , an andromonoecious montane shrub, hermaphrodite flowers tended to open in the first flush of flowering with the proportion of male flowers increasing later in the season Primack and Lloyd,
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Filament is attached to the anther at a point so that anther can swing freely in all direction. Ovules could be partially anatropous Fig. It is provided with a elongated narrow tube having lobes at the top placed at right angles, e. In contrast to the divergent pistil development observed between bisexual and male pomegranate flowers, no differences in pollen morphology or performance were observed. Anatomy , bisexual flower , dioecism , flower structure , Freycinetia , monoecism , pistillate flower , pistillode , semi-pistil , sex change , staminate flower , staminode.
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